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The Tale of Princess (1 of 3)

Once upon a time there was a pretty little creature called Princess. She lived in a big house on a hill with her beautiful mistress and a gaggle of comely servants.

Although there were a great number of pretty girls who shared the house with her, and there were always lots and lots of parties with people wearing fancy, shiny clothes (and sometimes not), she was still a little bit lonely because there was no-one else in the house quite like her.

She slept in a cage and was forbidden to wear clothes or use her hands because her status as ‘House Pet’ forbade it.

She ate from a bowl on the kitchen floor and was duty-bound to give physical pleasure to anyone who requested it, whatever form it might take.

While her mistress was occasionally kind to her (but usually just ignored her), the other girls in the house could be nasty, and sometimes played cruel tricks on her, like hiding her toys or making her wear an uncomfortable metal collar while she played in the garden.

When they did these things, they would laugh at her, and point.

What follows, dear reader, is a short tale of what happened one day when Mistress was away on business, and the girls of the house (in a a rather excitable state after drinking wine and eating cake), decided to play a little game with poor Princess.

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The Tale of Princess (2 of 3)

(Continued from part 1)

"Princess! Get your arse down here!" Shouted Amber.

Princess looked up from her book and frowned at the interruption. Reading was quite hard, what with her hands tightly taped up all the time, but she loved it all the same even if it took her longer to turn the pages than to read them.

She sighed, hid the book away at the back of her cage and crawled out, being careful not to bash the big metal collar she had been forced to wear by the girls earlier that day.

"Make her wear the cone of shame!" Genevieve had said, and they all laughed.


Amber”s increasingly impatient voice was coming from the basement. Princess whined involuntarily. Had anything good ever happened to her down there? Nope. Not once.

And Mistress was gone for the day, which always meant the girls would be at their meanest.

She descended the stairs backwards on all fours, being careful not to trip on her tail.

As soon as she reached the bottom, Amber roughly grabbed her by the hair and dragged her across the wooden floor, spanking her backside as she did so.

"when-I-tell-you-to-come-you-bloody-well-do-so!" she yelled, each word punctuated with a sharp smack on her buttocks.

Princess yelped “Ow! ow! ow!” as she was pulled towards the floor hatch in the middle of the room.

The hatch door was open, revealing a small space just big enough for someone to kneel down in.

"Get in there, you little whore," said Amber, wobbling slightly. Princess could smell the wine on her breath.

Making little whimpering sounds as she did so, she obediently climbed down into the hole. Her collar hit the opening on the way in, making a loud CLANG.

Amber laughed, and pointed.

"Right.. that’s good. Just raise your head a little bit," said Amber as she slid the heavy wooden door of the hatch into the closed position. "Perfect! Good girl!"

She heard a click as the door was locked.

With the hatch closed around her, Princess couldn’t see anything other than the rusty metal of her collar and the basement ceiling. But she could hear the giggling sounds of the girls as they gathered in the basement.

"You go first Amber! it was your idea!"
"But I can’t go in public! I get stage fright"
"Oh for God’s sake! Out of the way!"

Princess heard a slight kerfuffle, then footsteps, and then Rebecca’s face appeared above her.

"Hello down there, wittle pwincess!" She said."I’ve got a present for you! Do you want to see it?"

Princess decided that no, she really didn’t want it. She shook her head weakly inside the collar.

"Oh! Too late!" laughed Rebecca as the first stream of hot pee hit Princess in the face.

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Video source:Infernal Restraints.


The Tale of Princess (3 of 3)

(Continued from part 2)

Princess was awoken by the door at the top of the basement stairs opening and the light being turned on. After a moment of confusion she remembered where she was.

In a box in the basement, covered in pee.

She moaned at the prospect of more mistreatment at the hands of the girls. Her skin itched and her eyes stung from the stinky fluid that she had been doused with throughout the course of the day.

She wondered what time it was as she readjusted her cramped legs inside the box, bracing herself for another soaking.

But it wasn’t one of the girls who appeared in the small field of vision above her collar.


The house madam, Mistress Lipstixxx, stood majestically above her. She was holding a chastised Amber by the ear and she looked very angry. Amber’s boobs were exposed and she was sporting a large red ballgag in her mouth. It looked like she had been crying.

"Goodness me!" Said Mistress. "I come home to a bunch of half-naked drunkards and a pet in place of a toilet!"

"Mmmmph" Said Amber.

"Be quiet, Amber. And fetch me the hose. We have a pet to clean, it would seem."

After a good hosing down, Mistress ordered the girls to help  Princess out of the box and to remove the evil collar. They were then sent to their rooms to await their punishment.

"Poor Princess! What a day you’ve had. Let’s get you back to your cage, hmmm?"

Mistress helped the exhausted pet up the stairs and into her small room.

"They were rather cruel to you today, weren’t they, dear?” said Mistress as Princess crawled back into the safety of her cage.

"It almost makes me proud, if not for the fact they had drunk all my cava. When you wake tomorrow, you and I will spend some quality time thinking up some funny punishments for the girls. Would you like that, sweetie?"

Princess nodded eagerly.

"Yes, I bet you came up with a few ideas when you were in that hole, didn’t you?"

Princess smiled.

"Good! That’s all sorted then. But one thing before I go."

She produced a large white object from her bag.

It was her magic wand!

"Now, would you like some nice cummies for being such a good girl?"

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